The Handstand Course With Tim Senesi


Being able to balance in a handstand is one of the coolest feelings you can get out of your yoga practice, and holding the pose is a beautiful external display of inner virility and strength.

But far too often people get hurt from handstand simply because they haven’t properly prepared the body for this complex pose.

So I’m here to teach you the proper form with THE HANDSTAND COURSE.

This step-by-step alignment based course is divided into three unique videos that can easily fit into your schedule be it at home or on the road.

Not only will your handstands look graceful and come with ease but this approach will keep you practicing yoga healthy for a lifetime.

  • The Warm Up


    This video takes you through a strong warmup, targeting all the muscles necessary to attempt handstand. Whenever you want to try an advanced pose in yoga, like a handstand, there are certain “component parts” in your body that need to be educated, so your body is more willing to assume the pose w...

  • Work Hard Play Later


    Now that the body is properly warmed up, you're ready to learn some specific exercises that train the muscles and educate the body to create the neurological pathways necessary to be able to balance in a handstand. By practicing the exercises in this video regularly you'll develop the upper body ...

  • Work Smart


    This is the video where we put it all together. I share a few more muscle group targeting exercises and the smartest techniques to teach you to feel comfortable in a handstand. Plus some strategic secrets I’ve learned in my 15 years of regular daily practice.